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  • Step 1) Red, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very physically strong.
    Is strong-willed, stubborn, and independent.
    Enjoys physical activities that involve strength and endurance, such as sports, building things, exercising, dancing, or martial arts.
    Keeps things to him/herself. Is not very communicative or talkative.
    Is very blunt and honest when he/she does communicate.
    Becomes frustrated and angry easily - often pushing or fighting with others.
    Is uncomfortable with emotional praise and affection, preferring instead tangible rewards like toys, candy, or food.
  • Step 2) Orange, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is a daredevil - frequently jumping off roofs, climbing high places, racing bikes, or getting into other physically dangerous situations.
    Is very physically adventurous, courageous, and fearless. Pain and broken bones don't slow him/her down. (Examples: Evel Knievel and Jackie Chan.)
    Is always full of physical energy and constantly active.
    Is very independent.
    Is quick and bright, and easily bored at school.
    Seems to prefer being alone. (Or spends time with other daredevil friends.)
    Is very cunning and resourceful - is quick to figure out solutions.
  • Step 3) Magenta, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is unusual and quirky, a non-conformist.
    Is very creative or artistic - but enjoys creating weird, shocking or abnormal things.
    Is bright, curious, inventive and innovative, but is often eccentric and therefore a social outcast.
    Is uncomfortable around others and prefers to be alone.
    Has a bizarre sense of humor, and a unique but strange outlook on life.
    Is not interested in "the rules." Enjoys being different, not fitting in with others. Not angry or rebellious, just lives to the beat of his/her own drummer.
    Has outlandish or outrageous taste in clothes, hair, or accessories.
  • Step 4) Yellow, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is a very happy child - laughs, smiles, and is almost always upbeat and optimistic.
    Is very physically active, fidgets, and moves around a lot (even in the womb.) Has a short attention span.
    Is either into sports and other physical activities, or into creativity (dance, art, music, design, etc.)
    Has a great sense of humor and loves to cheer people up or make them laugh.
    Is easily addicted to things like sugar, sodas, caffeine, over-eating, computer or video games, TV - or the healthy addictions like sports.
    Is sensitive and his/her feelings can be easily hurt.
    Does not like being told what to do - is a pleaser, but also stubborn and rebellious.
  • Step 5) Logical Tan, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very introspective, quiet, calm and reserved. Tends to be patient, responsible, and non-reactive.
    Processes information more slowly and deliberately than some of the other children, preferring to take one step at a time.
    Enjoys technology, math, science, history and/or the more logical, practical subjects.
    Likes to take things apart to analyze and study how they work.
    Prefers to stay in the background rather than be the leader or the center of attention.
    Does not like change - prefers stability and security.
    Tends to keep his/her feelings to him or herself; is uncomfortable talking about feelings or private and personal information.
  • Step 6) Environmental Tan, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is independent, strong-willed, hardworking, serious and self-controlled.
    Often spends hours alone outdoors - enjoying the solitude of trees, quietly building things in the dirt, playing soldier, or watching and analyzing insects, etc.
    Analyzes and figures things out by physically touching them.
    Is fascinated by technology and how things work - especially things like airplanes, submarines, tanks, or computers.
    Keeps his/her feelings inside, doesn't like talking about them.
    Is reserved and a deep thinker.
    Is uncomfortable with change. Prefers stability and security.
  • Step 7) Sensitive Tan, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is quiet, reserved and sometimes shy.
    Is calm, patient and responsible.
    Is sensitive, a good listener and helpful, often politely and compassionately taking care of others.
    Prefers to take a quiet supportive role, not be the leader.
    Behaves well and is respectful in school, but is not always a quick learner. He/she absorbs information more slowly and methodically than other children.
    Is uncomfortable in loud, rowdy, social situations; instead will quietly take care of the details like hanging the decorations or serving refreshments - or just staying home.
    Is practical and not overly emotional, but also seems to be intuitive and in touch with his/her feelings.
  • Step 8) Abstract Tan, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is outgoing, optimistic, cheerful and enthusiastic.
    Is often scattered, chaotic, hectic, and disorganized.
    Is very forgetful, and often loses or misplaces possessions - but doesn't seem to care about those things anyway.
    Jumps from thing to thing, thought to thought - often forgetting what he or she was talking about.
    Is very sensitive and a pleaser.
    Is very curious, eager to learn, and interested in many things - people, other cultures, languages, history, etc.
    Does better in non-traditional educational systems where, rather than linear and structured methods of teaching, they allow children to freely express themselves.
  • Step 9) Green, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very quick, intelligent and bright. He/she excels in school and thrives when intellectually challenged.
    Likes things to be organized and efficient, often writing lists and developing plans.
    Has an entrepreneur spirit and comes up with great business & moneymaking ideas.
    Is tenacious and a hard worker - often a perfectionist who is very demanding on him/herself, or is a constant worrier.
    Can be strong-willed, stubborn and often demanding, usually wanting things to be done his/her way.
    Is very interested in success, making a lot of money, and having everything he/she wants NOW. He/she likes to be the boss and to be in control.
    Can become impatient and easily frustrated.
  • Step 10) Blue, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very emotional and can cry easily. Is very affected when others are sad and is so empathetic, he/she cries when others cry.
    Is very loving and nurturing - often taking care of friends, family, pets, stuffed animals and other toys.
    Is very kind, loyal, obedient, and a well-behaved pleaser - but often has low self-esteem and doubts his/her self-worth.
    When playing, pretends to be a teacher, counselor, nurse, doctor, parent or someone who helps others.
    Is very spiritual - praying or talking to or about God, angels, or other spiritual beings.
    Is very intuitive, psychic, and/or empathetic.
    Eager to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, falls in love and develops crushes very early on, and prefers Cinderella-Prince Charming types of books and movies.
  • Step 11) Violet, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Feels like an old soul - with wisdom and intelligence beyond his/her years.
    Is a natural leader - others tend to admire and be drawn to him/her.
    Is a natural performer with a charismatic presence that attracts attention.
    Loves to talk - often talking about becoming famous, or doing something big and important, or traveling the world.
    Enjoys being the center of attention - or has the attitude that life revolves around him/her, becoming impatient, self-absorbed and demanding to be treated like royalty.
    Has very deep, intense feelings that can develop into loneliness, alienation, or even depression.
    Often takes on too many projects or is drawn in too many directions at once.
  • Step 12) Lavender, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very quiet, gentle, and sensitive.
    Is very imaginative, creative, and loves to make-believe.
    Is very attracted to angels, fairies, fantasy stories, and/or fairytale beings.
    Responds well to gentle music and quiet environments.
    Is often spacey and non-attentive - like he/she is another world.
    Is easily overwhelmed by others or by too much going on in the environment.
    Has a tendency to have a lot of chronic health issues connected with his/her unusual sensitivity.
  • Step 13) Crystal, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Is very quiet but also seems intelligent, advanced and cultured.
    Loves to learn, read and spend time alone.
    Does not have, nor seem to have a need for a lot of friends.
    Feels like he/she has strong healing or spiritual abilities.
    Is very affected by being around too many people or activities and withdraws into his/her own world.
    Is so sensitive, that he/she can often be very frightened, lost, confused, and disoriented - looking to others to tell him/her what to do, but not knowing whom to trust.
    Needs a lot of space and quiet time to stay healthy and centered. Prefers to sit alone in a private "sanctuary" rather than go out into the world.
  • Step 14) Indigo, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    Seems very psychic and highly advanced.
    Is beautiful - almost androgynous. Feels like he/she is from another world.
    Remembers other lives and/or sees and talks with beings in other dimensions.
    Has a highly sensitive physical, emotional and psychological system.
    Is very quick and adept at technology.
    Will not be forced to do things or controlled by guilt, threats, punishment or rewards.
    Is extremely intelligent and creative, but did not talk at the average age so was almost considered autistic or learning impaired.
  • Step 15) Red Overlay - NOT A LIFE COLOR, My child...
    Yes Sometimes No  
    My child frequently experiences intense, often uncontrollable anger or rage.
    My child seems to always be unhappy, depressed, or is constantly struggling with health or emotional issues.
    My child experiences frequent conflict and frustration in his/her relationships.
    My child experienced at least one of the following as a baby or child:
    a) life-threatening situation before birth, at birth, or at a young age (this can include surgery for a serious health problem.)
    b) felt emotionally, physically or mentally abandoned or rejected (i.e., adopted, unwanted child, physically or emotionally absent parent, alcoholic or drug-addicted parent, etc.)
    c) emotionally, physically or mentally abused by an adult, sibling, friend, etc.

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