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How to Discover Your Aura Colors

Most people find the best way to discover their true Life Colors is to take the fo... [more...]

Are There Good and Bad Colors?

There are no good or bad, 'better than' or 'worse than' colors - each color simply... [more...]

Do Your Life Colors Change?

Most people don't change their life colors - their overall life purpose and theme ... [more...]

How can I learn to develop my psychic & intuitive abilities?

There are basically five steps that are important:1) Willingness to have these abi... [more...]

Are psychic abilities a gift?

I see all of Life as a gift. I do believe that we all have this ability – th... [more...]

Can anyone learn to see auras?

Yes, I believe we all have the ability to see or sense these energy fields - or au... [more...]

Have you always been psychic?

Go to My Story to read how I got started. [more...]

Your system tells me that my email address cannot be used to register. Why not?

You may have previously signed up and simply don’t remember. [more...]

It says my password is incorrect.

Click on "Forgot Password" to get a temporary password emailed to you. Once y... [more...]

Why am I having trouble getting the site to function properly on my computer?

The most common problem with website operation and functionality is the use of old... [more...]
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