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Pam Oslie

Pamala is an author, consultant, lecturer, and professional psychic. She has a very extensive and loyal clientele, including many celebrities. Since 1983, she’s traveled throughout the country presenting seminars & conducting workshops about the emerging human potential, psychic abilities, auras, and the power of our beliefs to create our reality. She also has a popular weekly radio show, which you can listen to here on her site.

Pamala Oslie is a living example that we have greater abilities than we’ve been taught - that meta consciousness, energy fields, psychic abilities, parallel universes and more - are real. And she’s committed to sharing this exciting and compelling information with you.

If Pam has these abilities – then all of us have them. We just need to learn more so we can evolve, shift our thinking and use these abilities.

Listen to the podcast "Behind The Scenes With Pam"...


  • Is a world-renown, highly accurate “intuitive” (psychic)
  • Sees & senses energy fields around people - and knows what that energy reveals about them
  • Can step outside of time and see people's past, present and future
  • Intentionally goes into different parallel universes to change her life circumstances
  • Does telepathy and remote viewing
  • Talks to people who have crossed over

Her goals are:
1) To prove to people that our consciousness is greater and able to do much more than we’ve believed
2) To see people happy & fulfilled and living their greatest potential

There are helpful tools and valuable information here for everyone – no matter what level of understanding you’ve already achieved: Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner

We are evolving! It’s time to start living this new level of thinking - and to live our true, advanced abilities.


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