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Past Interviews

The Bob Charles Show (MP3)
Mantz and Mitchell Radio Show (MP3)
Sacramento Smiles (MP3)

News Press

"The View"

The Bob Charles Show - Pam Oslie Psychic & Auras

George Noory - Coast to Coast AM “You hit a home run! I’m still getting emails about you!” -

Monday Mornings:

Alyce Faye interviews Pam:

K-Talk Radio:

TEDx conference.  Bacara Resort,  Santa Barbara

The Ricki Lake Show

AM San Diego Living TV Show -

Lynn Andrews Live:

Simon Conway Radio Show -

97.3 KIRO FM with Terry Jaymes

The Doug Meehan Show in Boston on WTKK

Larry Elder on KABC:

"The Dr. Pat Show" with Pat Baccili:

Daniel Bautz's radio show - Grand Dark Conspiracy.

"Outlaw Dave" radio show

"Conscious Talk" with Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears:

Insights Radio with Craig Eugene:

Lauren Galey's Radio Show:

“The Paranormal View”

"Late Night in the Midlands" with Michael Vara:

"Above and Beyond" with host Laura Smith

"Ghostly Excavations"

"Online Healing Retreat" with Lauren Galey's healing series.

Dr. Laura Ciel Show:

"Healing Conversations" with Lauren Galey:

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