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Our special Life Colors City Premium Members are the only ones who have access our full videos, radio show archives, podcasts, interviews with experts, special written information and a lot more.

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“It’s like having your own special life coach to help you accomplish your dreams.”

Hear wisdom from such experts as Don Miguel Ruiz, Gregg Braden, Arielle Ford, Marci Shimoff, Gary Zukav, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Fred Alan Wolfe, Bruce Lipton, Dan Millman, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Anthony Edwards, Kenny Loggins, Cesar Millan, Lisa Williams, Peter Russell, and a growing list of more.

Exclusive Premium Membership Benefits

In depth advice and information on your aura colors, love & relationships, money, career, health, family & children, life purpose & direction, quantum physics, consciousness, spirituality and more with… Total access to EVERYTHING on this site!

  • Full Videos about your aura colors, relationship & career advice, insights into you and more
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It’s like having your own special life coach with advice and guidance available to you all the time. You can cancel your membership at any time. Join others like you who are committed to growing and evolving so we can all create fulfilling lives. Videos: Enjoy watching all the videos in Pamala Oslie’s collection. These videos include in-depth descriptions of every aura color and various color combinations, dating & relationship advice, insight into yourself, and more. Radio Show Archives: Exclusive access to all the recordings of Pam’s weekly radio shows with fascinating guests including authors, celebrities, spiritual teachers, physicists, and personal growth experts discussing relationships, wealth, psychic abilities, manifesting, spirituality, consciousness, quantum physics, healing, and more. Special written information for Members only: Pam offers written information and advice that you can read at any time on a wide variety of topics – relationships, money, health, children, quantum physics, parallel universes, consciousness, and more. Podcasts: Exclusive access to all recorded podcasts covering all the different topics so you can listen to them on your own time. Commercial-free downloads: of ALL the radio shows and podcasts. Teleseminars: Pam offers a Teleseminar on the phone with special topics, discussions, meditations, and Q & A. Direct Email Address: Send Pam questions to her private email address that she may answer in her podcasts, radio shows, and personal behind-the-scenes talks. Behind the scenes interviews with Pam: Hear exclusive audio interviews with Pam about her life – what it’s like to be a professional psychic, her interesting experiences and stories, and her personal insights, challenges and successes. Members Forum: Enjoy connecting with other members to discuss and share information on common interests – relationships, spirituality, aura colors, parenting, changing times, worldviews, current events, and more.

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